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The Village of Caunes-Minervois

History of the village

Caunes Abbey Caunes-Minervois is a medieval village of steep, twisting, narrow streets and sand-colored stone buildings surrounding the great 8th Century Abbey that lies at its heart.
It nestles among the vineyards at the foot of the Montagne Noire, the southernmost area of the Massif Centrale.

A walk through the village reveals many Renaissance facades. Vestiges of even older buildings can be seen, including parts of the medieval fortifications. Two ancient public laundries, fed by the local streams, are still in use.

Along the Medieval Fortifications
Medieval Ruelle Although the village is small, with no more than 1400 inhabitants, it boasts two restaurants, two bistros, a pharmacy, two doctors' offices, and a lawyer.

There are also two grocery stores, two bakeries, a butcher, a gas station, two hairdressers, a post office and a general store that sells everything from knick-knacks of the local marble to parts for TV sets. There's also an excellent taxi service with a website at TaxiduMinervois. Fluent English, Spanish, Italian, and French is spoken, and reservations can be made by fax or e-mail through the site.

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